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Red House Music Academy – Michael McKenzieMichael McKenzie
Guitar Teacher
"I’ve had amazing music teachers in the past that have helped shape who I am as a musician. I feel that’s it’s important to pass along that same inspiration."
Michael grew up in rural Alberta, in the quiet town of Medicine Hat. His pursuit of all things guitars and rock 'n roll, involved moving to Edmonton for a brief stint at Grant Macewan College in Edmonton, a Summer in Vancouver, 3 years in Calgary teaching, playing, rehearsing, and recording he eventually ending up moving to Toronto in 1994.


After a year of playing in various bands around Toronto, he landed a gig with Universal Honey, and toured all over North America opening up for The Goo Goo Dolls, The Wallflowers, Tragically Hip, Alanis Morissette, The Talking Heads, Ash, and many, many more!



Red House Music Academy – Vanessa Natalie ColucciVanessa Natalie Colucci
Piano, Voice, Guitar, and Ukelele
Vanessa Natalie Colucci is a independent vocalist, guitarist and pianist currently living in Toronto, Ontario.
Vanessa has been playing and studying music for over a decade. She is an energetic and passionate teacher who has been instructing lessons at private studios in the greater Toronto area for over six years.


Always encouraging, patient and friendly, she caters her methods to each student's individual learning style to help them master their instrument and perfect their craft. She has training in guitar and piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music.


She has an extensive performance background and has played concerts all over Toronto as a solo artist, as well as performing with other bands and local indie musicians. Her primary focus is on contemporary music: from rock to pop, to jazz and blues.
Red House Music Academy – Al CrossAl Cross
Drum Teacher
"If you've ever listened to music in Canada, you've heard Al Cross."
Adam Hay – Canadian Drummer/Drum Teacher
Born in Montreal, 1953, Al has always loved the drums. He played in high school bands, inspired by local heroes The Rabble, and various bands of the day.


A life changing moment occurred as a result of a generous invitation from Art Blakey, one of the greatest drummers of all time. He and The Jazz Messengers were just about to start playing an outdoor concert when suddenly it began raining 'cats and dogs'. The crowd went running for cover. Al and a small group of die hard music fans were left standing in the rain, staring up at the stage. Mr. Blakey motioned for this small pack to join him on stage, which was covered and dry...



Red House Music Academy – Rosanna MurphyRosanna Murphy
Piano & Voice Teacher
Rosanna has been fortunate enough to study with some of the country's top voice and piano teachers.
Rosanna is originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, where she studied competitive piano for 10 years, as well as voice lessons. In New Brunswick, she performed lead roles in several music theatre shows, as well as 4 years experience in a dinner theatre band where she interchanged between vocals, piano, drums and guitar.


She has a Bachelor of Music from Mount Allison University, a Masters of Music from the University of Manitoba, and a Diploma in Operatic Performance from the University of Toronto.


Rosanna has been fortunate enough to study with some of the country's top voice and piano teachers and hopes to be able to share some of the knowledge she gained with young aspiring musicians.

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